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In today’s environment, we’re all spending a lot more time on our screens — Zoom calls with friends, webinars from your favorite cultural entities, ordering take out and groceries…and for many of us telehealth appointments.

How can you keep up with patient encounter documentation without adding even more time spent online while still having meaningful visits with your patients?

Scribe can help.

  • Is your current telehealth solution not working for you? Do you lose time chasing down doctors and patients to get them connected? Or don’t you have a telehealth solution yet? Check out our innovative  Scribe TeleCare solution that mimics your physical office.
  • Are you short on staff to help out with documentation or your on-site scribes are in short supply? Maybe staff is fearful to work because of Covid-19?  Check out our charting & remote LiveScribe  solutions.
  • Do you need more of your staff to work remotely?  Use our ScribeMobile solution that puts your patient information in an easy to use mobile application.
  • Are you struggling to make ends meet because of COVID-19 changes or need to reduce staff and/or overhead? Let us give you more bang for your buck by outsourcing and using our economical technology-driven solutions for scribing, documentation, and telehealth.

What other challenges do you face?  
How can we help YOUR practice?

We want to hear what you need.  Let’s have a conversation about your challenges and how we can become your outsourcing partner.  Our solutions can help you focus on what matters most – patient care without sacrificing profitability or profitability.