Introducing ADAM™

ADAM represents a cutting-edge documentation and coding solution leveraging AI to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

With ADAM, Scribe aims to optimize the medical documentation and coding process, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, thereby reducing administrative burdens on healthcare providers and increasing their focus on patient care.

ADAM – limitless possibilities to free up your valuable time creating as much or as little medical related documentation and coding as you need so you can finally slay your documentation dragon. And significantly improve your bottom line – just Speak!

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For over two decades, Scribe has enabled healthcare providers to optimize productivity and profitability through advanced technology solutions. They have developed a comprehensive platform and products used by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals in the US. During this time, Scribe has utilized various speech recognition AI providers, including AWS, MModal, Nuance, and, most recently, Soniox.

With Soniox’s latest AI technology, Scribe measured an eightfold increase in the efficiency of creating medical documentation with human editors involved, as well as improved accuracy in the final documents. With Soniox, in most cases, transcriptionists no longer need to listen to the entire audio. This efficiency allows them to quickly review the generated document for errors. Consequently, instead of spending two minutes for every minute of audio, editors can now spend approximately 15 seconds proofreading for each minute. In terms of time spent, editors are now dedicating only about 25% of the audio’s total length to reading and proofing, as opposed to the previously required listening and transcribing.

In addition, Soniox provides useful drafts for all of Scribe’s users, demonstrating its speech AI technology’s ability to accommodate a wide range of medical specialties, accents, speakers, and recording environments. In contrast, other providers frequently fall short, producing drafts that are not cost-effective for some speakers compared to typing from scratch.   To read more about the integrations, visit Scribe and Soniox – Integration of Technologies

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Scribe​™ enables the capture, creation, communication, monetization, and analysis of healthcare information while freeing providers to focus on what matters most – patient care.