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In today’s environment, we’re all spending a lot more time on our screens — Zoom calls with friends, webinars from your favorite cultural entities, ordering take out and groceries…and for many of us telehealth appointments. How can you keep up with patient encounter documentation without adding even more time spent … Read More

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Daylight Savings Time. Coronavirus. Stock market volatility. No more college or professional basketball, or other sports. Closures everywhere. Travel restrictions. Friday the 13th.   And that’s just the “highlights.” It has been quite a week! Scribe’s staff works in a virtual environment. The vast majority of our employees work from their … Read More

Consistent Habits for Better Documentation

We recently wrote about the amount of time a provider spends on documentation, with a big chunk of that time spent after hours.  What kind of changes can a provider make to change that model and have a smoother, more productive workday and find time to spend on what’s important … Read More

Do you need more quality time with your patients…or yourself?

Studies show that healthcare providers spend more time on documentation than seeing their patients, including much time outside of the regular work day.  You probably knew that before the studies quantified it. A recent study (1) concluded that primary care physicians spent more time working in the EMR/EHR than they … Read More

Patient Care: Using Innovative Technology for Better Listening

Patient Care is sometimes stifled by the presence of technology.   Patients may feel that their providers are not listening because there’s a focus on getting the data input to their computers.   When a provider isn’t glued to their screen they can: Listen to the patient’s concerns more closely, and … Read More

Encounter Documentation: A checklist for your practice

Importance of Top-notch Encounter Documentation to Your PracticeIf the process to create documentation is not efficient, complete, or accurate for that encounter, patient care, productivity, and profitability can all suffer. Financial UncertaintyWhen medical insurance claims are submitted with incorrect or incomplete information and coding, at best it will simply rejected, … Read More