Scribe Introduces the First Integrated Telehealth Documentation Solution

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Telemedicine has proven to be a vital and safe alternative to in-person provider visits

June 4, 2020  Naples, FL.   As the need for telehealth technology has exploded during the current health crisis, Scribe Technology Solutions (Scribe) is bringing to market an innovative solution that will provide immediate opportunities for healthcare providers to continue to service their clients and receive completed documentation to support the care of their patients and facilitate reimbursement with one easy to use tool.

Mark D. Boyce, CEO and President states, “Scribe was founded with the mission of simplifying healthcare through innovative technologies to remove the burden of clerical work and allow providers to focus on the patient while improving profitability, productivity, and patient care.”

Scribe’s telehealth solution has been designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, rather than using other applications that are not healthcare focused.  It was in the development stage at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while providers may currently use virtual options that are readily available, Scribe TeleCare has features unique for healthcare providers.

  • Its adaptable architecture makes it easy to virtually replicate a provider’s physical office workflow as it connects remotely with patients.
  • It includes the ability to have multiple users “visit” the patient based on the workflow tasks.
  • TeleCare can be used with or without the documentation component, further allowing providers to have better efficiency and productivity.
  • Providers can opt to have the visits recorded.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as many private insurers, have moved swiftly to waive the reimbursement restrictions, interstate regulations, and out-of-pocket costs that have historically acted as barriers to telehealth’s widespread adoption.

Scribe TeleCare is powered by technology developed by TeleCare-Connect.

Scribe is the leading cloud enabled solutions company for healthcare providers in optimizing productivity, profitability, and patient care while returning flexibility, control, and productivity to healthcare organizations through simplified, intuitive, and innovative medical workflow solutions. Scribe serves health care providers and organizations of all sizes, from single practitioners to clinics to hospitals, tailoring its products, services, and people to the unique needs of each practice it serves. Learn more at or 1.833.472.7423.