The Impact on Patient Care

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When a provider’s documentation isn’t submitted correctly, it’s not an inconvenience or delay only for the provider. It can cause anxiety for patients. Here’s an example of an unfortunate error in our circle of friends – a provider submitted a claim twice, in error, resulting in the insurance company’s automatic denial. As luck would have it, this happened on a Friday afternoon, and the patient worried about coverage for that and future cancer treatments throughout the entire weekend. While the issue was resolved early the following week, no patient deserves that level of stress on top of cancer’s worries.

Having a solution that can check the validity of claims before submission will improve a provider’s productivity (and profitability) but can have significant impact on patient care. Scribe’s Solutions work together with providers to ensure that their clinical documentation is thorough and accurate and done right the first time – and giving them the confidence and power to focus on what matters most – patient care.