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Cloud-based Clinical Documentation Solutions | Dictation, Transcription, CDI, Voice Recognition, Mobile Applications

Comprehensive Dictation, Transcription and Clinical Documentation Solutions

Cloud-based solutions company for healthcare providers focusing on optimizing productivity and revenue in the creation, coding, and management of health care records, insurance claims and payments. Flexible services to accommodate a variety of workflows for any EHR user, practices, clinics, hospitals, and medical transcription companies.

Scribe Cloud-Based Clinical Documentation Technologies

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Scribe for MTSOs


Comprehensive and Customized Solutions That Keep You Competitive and Efficient

Deliver flexible solutions to maintain physician productivity while feeding data into the EHR and helping your customers achieve “Meaningful Use.” Cloud-based platforms provide dictation and documentation creation options without purchasing or maintaining hardware and software. Production features and tools reduce operational costs, improve margins and increase productivity. Retain and expand your client base by offering market-leading solutions for EHR adoption and Mobility.

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Scribe for Practices/Clinics

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Scalable, Integrated Solutions, Easily Adapted to Physician Preferences and Organizational Needs

Dictation-only solutions, front-end speech recognition, or complete dictation/transcription/archiving solutions without special hardware and software to purchase, install or maintain. Physicians have a diversity of dictating options, report features and document management capabilities. In-house or outsourced transcriptionists create digital patient reports that are managed in an online system or integrated directly into an EMR system. 


Scribe for Hospitals

Scribe for Hospitals

Cost-Effective Solutions that Streamline Organizational Workflows, Support Billing, and Securely Share Reports

A variety of dictation methods enables physicians to exercise workflow choices but preserves centralized, patient-record management. Integrates with all EHRs, PACs, practice management and record-keeping systems. Secure access and file sharing for review, digital signature and document management. Complete accountability with dashboards and customized reporting. Physicians can also dictate directly into the hospital EHR with our front-end speech recognition solution. 

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Scribe for Surgicenters

Scribe for SurgicentersBetter Clinical Documentation to Support Revenue Cycle Management

Cost-effective, web-based platforms without hardware installation and maintenance. Capture procedures and surgical notes by using a mobile device, phone or digital recorder. Voice files are rapidly converted to patient records through voice recognition or by medical transcription professionals. Clinical documentation is easily integrated with hospital or practice EHRs or managed through a comprehensive online system.  

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Scribe for EHR Partners

EHR Partners

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Add New Revenue Streams, and Ensure Your Customers Achieve "Meaningful Use"

Scribe technologies have been integrated with hundreds of EHR installations to increase physician efficiency and improve documentation. The Scribe platform is the perfect addition for practice management, EHR, RIS and PACS vendors looking to expand their offerings and grow their business.


Scribe develops unique and customized EHR Interfaces to consolidate and improve patient documentation

The integration team at Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc. has successfully completed hundreds of integrations, working with the full gamut of Electronic Medical Record/Electronic Health Record (EMR/EHR) systems.


Scribe Mobile app for full mobility and flexibility

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